CapSan Chalk Board/White Board Cleaner
Cleans boards up fast
CapSan Glass Cleaner
No Streaking!
CapSan Multi Purpose
Refreshing Lavender Scent

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Xcelente Multi Purpose Spray

Xcelente Multi Purpose Spray

Enjoy the fresh fragrance of lavender while you clean with Xcelente Multi-Purpose Cleaner. The convenient aerosol provides spray and wipe cleanup for stains and spills as they occur. Safe for use on a variety of hard surfaces, Xcelente delivers a shiny, streak-free finish on any surface not harmed by water, including glass!

CapSan Multi Purpose Cleaner

CapSan Multi Purpose Cleaner

Try CapSan lavender fragranced Multi Purpose Cleaner. Great on doors, walls, scuff marks on floors, bathtub rings and more. Nice lingering lavender fragrance.



Tired of costly disposables or expensive cloth towels? Try our NEW CapSan convenient pop up wipers in either Heavy Duty (CAP76357) or general purpose (CAP41320). Both wipers are 9.5 x 17 and are solvent resistant! Great for use everywhere.

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Spring is here!  Need help reviving your floors after a long winter!  We are here to help!  Check out our full line of Nu-Ball floor care products providing daily solutions!

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